CPA VIC Young Professional Network Discussion Group Is ON!

By Judy Gao, CPA posted 26-09-2020 07:57 PM

Dear Fellow CPAs, 

After you read below, if interested, please 
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2020 is a truly once-in-a-generation challenging year but with great opportunities. CPA Australia has shown great leadership and resilience during COVID19. I noticed lots of events and podcasts with trending topics have been organised and promoted promptly to support us. Not mention this CPA Member Connect platform for true engagement. I cannot express how proud and appreciated I am to be a CPA member. Influenced by this great atmosphere, I decided to lead my initiative to next phase to lead a generational change on accounting professions.

CPA VIC Young Professional Network Discussion Group Is ON!

- It's a CPA member self-run, self-managed Discussion Group

- We serve all CPA VIC Young Professionals, please join us

- We call for Advisory Boards committee with cross industry background, please guide us

- We call for affiliated Cross Industry Associations, please partner with us

- We call for Executive Committee Member, please join me


Vision: Smashing The Accountant Stereotypes To Be Valued As True Strategic Decision Makers


  • Boost soft skills and confidence of CPA Young Professionals including members with diverse background
  • Provide cross sector professional networking opportunities
  • Connect CPA Young Professionals to significant commercial and political leaders
  • Collect needs and advices from CPA Young Professionals to CPA Australia

Strategies + Goals

  • Run events to expend our CPA membership base
  • Set up Advisory Board Committee to guide executive committee and provide resources such as sponsors and cross industry associations
  • Build up Affiliated Cross Industry Associations
  • Source Sponsors
  • Build up media channel such as Linkedin Group page and website

CPA Young Professional Network VIC Team

  • Executive Chair - Judy Gao (CPA & Strategic Communications at VIC GOV)
  • Executive Deputy Chair - Winnie Lam (CPA & Junior Solicitor)
  • Interested? Commitment is the most important thing, Judy can train you up for the rest : )
Planned Structure

Story behind this initiative:

Judy Gao went to a networking event and introduced herself to one industry leader that she is a CPA, the immediate response with caring tone from the industry leader was "CPA's reputation is not very good currently, isn't it", Judy answered back without hesitation that "As a CPA, we will make it right together from now on".

Judy Gao always believe CPA's reputation is built up by every CPA member's representation in their workplaces and communities. Thus, she decided to unite with her Fellow CPA VIC young professionals to make a generational change on accounting professions together. It's not only for CPA Brand, but also for the whole accounting industry, we CPA VIC young professionals will lead the change.

We need to boost our soft skills and confidence to smashing the accountant stereotypes and be truly valued as respectful strategic decision maker instead of only bean counters at workplace.

How? We cannot be what cannot see. We need to connect with cross industry associations to identify the skills gap that other industry young professionals do better than us such as strategic communications and networking skills.

Message from Executive Chair Judy Gao:

Dear CPA Fellows,

CPA VIC Young Professional Network Discussion Group is a member self-run self-managed committee. I will reach out to more experienced CPAs as advisory board to guide executive committee for this discussion group to serve all CPA VIC young professionals.  You have my words that I will keep working on this discussion group to contribute my time to serve you to unit us together. Stronger Together, we will reach our vision together - Smashing The Accountant Stereotypes To Be Valued As True Strategic Decision Makers. 

Trust me, I know all your roadblocks and frustrations both career and life, I have been there, not only as CPA young professional but also women of colour with Asian ethnicity with no connects and supports here to create a new life with bare hands living alone in Australia.

After 10 years of life in Australia/Melbourne, I am confident to say I am one of the most recognised and representative emerging leaders by various industries in both domestic and international communities.

I started my first step as CPA in Australia with Master of Accounting from The University of Melbourne. CPA Australia has help me built up solid foundation. I am currently deputy chair for CPA VIC Emerging Leaders Network (ELN), a small committee led by CPA directly.

I joined ELN when lots of members leaving CPA in 2018. Since my manager/CFO suggested me to see with my own eyes then make a decision whether leave or not. During the past three years, CPA Australia VIC has provided us a safe place to have open conversations to share our concerns, support our initiatives, provide opportunities for us to practise soft skills such as public speaking, event organising, community engagement and more. 

We need to appreciate failure, once you learn from it, stand up again and rebuilt the trust, your brand will be way more powerful than before. I see how hard and engaged CPA staff work and I trust them as member. 2019 was the first year of CPA three-year strategy, I am honoured to see my profile was featured with the sixth performance outcome - Impact Policy Globally And Be Active In Community Advocacy in 2019 CPA Australia Annual Report.

As you can trust CPA, you can trust me as well, I have sound tracking records of community engagement with recognised achievements. I have also moved to my second career in Strategic Communications team at Vic Gov with strong financial analysis. Please see below photos as some examples on what I have done.

Executive Deputy chair Winnie Lam also keeps challenging herself, now she is not only a CPA but also a junior Solicitor. We both can bring our networks to you, and keep reach out to other associations for you.  

You cannot be what you cannot see. We need to connect with young professionals in other industries to build the understanding, trust and learn from each other. I always believe if I can do it, everyone can do it, I am not better than you, but I just keep working on it to improving myself with close connections to peers and leaders.

Join us and reach out, we will always be there for you.  

Be Heard. Be Recognised. 

Warmest Regards

Judy Gao

Please Contact Judy Gao via or Linkedin

2018 As CPA professional to help RMIT final year accounting student mark their presentation
2018 As CPA Rep to help RMIT Final Year Accounting Students

Multicultural Advocate
2019 AFL Best First Year Multicultural Ambassador

State Government VPS
2019 As Victoria Public Servant to support LBGTI communities 

State Government VPS
2020 VPS Women of Colour Network IWD Celebration - I am #

International Affairs Canberra
2019 Selected to 'Australia in the Indo-Pacific' masterclass in DFAT, Canberra

United Nations Office at Geneva
2019 Delegate to UN Geneva and met leaders from 15 UN Agencies such as
WTO, WHO, WIPO etc. 

Australian Permanent Missions to The UN at Geneva
2019 Delegate to UN Geneva and met leaders from 15 UN Agencies such as
WTO, WHO, WIPO etc. 

Strong Resilience
Marathoner & Two times Mt.Everest Base Camp Trekker 
Well Recognised
Will interview Former Foreign Minister, New Commissioner and Asialink Group CEO
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27-09-2020 04:57 PM

It's amazing! Within less than one day I published this blog, there are already leaders reaching out to me to join our advisory board to help us. I think it definitely demonstrates below: 

1. CPA leaders with more experience are so keen to have a platform to pass on their knowledge to support CPA young professionals 

2. CPA leaders feel our initiative worth supporting from their valuable free time 

3. CPA Member Connect platform truly CONNECT! to publish our initiatives and get supports

We cannot express how appreciate we are, please keep keep the momentum going, kindly get in touch with us. 

Have a great weekend, all!

Warmest Regards